Growing up I was inspired by my Nana and aunt who frequently put on amazing family events. They planned every detail, from table linens, to florals, food, gifts, and everything else one could imagine. Every element was meticulously crafted for their guests and the events being hosted. The results always came off as effortless and touching. I never knew the amount of work they put in to each detail because I was lost in the moment at each gathering.


They inspired me to have passion for everything I do.


That's why for each one of my clients I work tirelessly to ensure that they get lost in their experience, and never worry about the details/process.

As the owner and lead designer of The Lavender Rose, I pride myself on taking the time to understand each client’s vision for their event. Many clients say they either don’t have a specific vision in mind or don’t know how to express what their vision is. My approach is to help them define what they wish to see by discussing colors, the setting, the “feel” of the event, and then creating the perfect palate for them. For me, floral design is the medium by which the client can express the tone of the event. There is nothing more rewarding for me than expressing my clients vision through the beauty of flowers!

Despite attending a performing arts school throughout my childhood, and the urgings of my mother to pursue the arts, after graduation I decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy (because who listens to their parents at 18, right?). While I enjoyed every moment of caring for my patients, my heart was always pulled back to the creative arts. I was fortunate to have a wonderful, supportive mentor Sally, from Exquisite Blooms, who took me under her wing and showed me how to take my passion and turn it into a profession. As she has recently transitioned out of the floral design industry, it’s now my turn to take all she has taught me and branch out on my own.

I have been so blessed in my life to have wonderful family, friends and amazing clients who constantly inspire me to be creative, approachable, and kind. My husband, Jason, and my 2 children, Taj and Ameena, are my driving force (and sometimes my worker Bees/models) but my passion is your vision!


I truly look forward to working with you on the creation of your dream design.

xoxo, Zeineb